NRA Releases Holiday Dining and Gift Card Trends


The National Restaurant Association (NRA) released data from its annual survey of holiday dining and gift card trends. According to its survey of over 1,000 consumers between December 8 - 11, more than one in four American consumers, or 26 percent, plan to give restaurant gift cards this year as holiday presents.

Not surprisingly, more plan to receive than to give: 59 percent said they would like a restaurant gift card as a present.

“A gift card to a restaurant makes for a flexible gift that allows recipients to use it next time they visit their favorite restaurant or save it for a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary," says Hudson Riehle, SVP of the Research and Knowledge Group for the NRA.

The Research and Knowledge Group conducts research spanning consumer, economic, market, human resources and tourism analytics, and oversees the information services of the Association.

The NRA noted that there is a significant gap between those wanting a gift card and those planning to purchase one.

Of those on the receiving end, women were more likely to want to receive a gift card: 65 percent versus 52 percent of men. Out of the total of all those that want to be gifted a card, 58 percent wish to receive a gift card for their favorite eatery and 40 percent either want a gift card for a restaurant they have not visited (29 percent), or would not visit if they didn't have a gift card (11 percent).

Holiday Dining Trends

For the holidays, Americans are looking to experience them with the help of restaurateurs. The Association's survey shows that more than 100 million Americans plan to patronize restaurant establishments during the New Year’s holiday:

  • One in five consumers plan to go out to a bar or restaurant on New Year's Eve.
  • Twenty-two percent will order take-out or delivery from a restaurant on New Year’s Eve.
  • A total of 12 percent plan to go out to a bar or restaurant on New Year's Day.
  • Skewed toward in-home dining: 16 percent plan to order delivery or take-out (note the potential impact of television programming during the New Year's Day holiday).

During Christmas and Hanukkah, the survey indicates 10 percent will go out on Christmas Eve and 8 percent will dine out on Christmas Day. On December 20, the start of Hanukkah, 4 percent of respondents plan to dine out.

As is expected during a time of sharing, one in every two Americans plans to share a meal with friends or family during the holiday season out at a restaurant.

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Source: National Restaurant Association

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