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    NRA Show 2011 Showcases Hot Products Worthy of a Shout Out


    Kandessa Top 10 Picks of Hot Products at NRA Show 2011

    Foodservice products and technology, from the small to gargantuan—such as Armenco's Catering & Mobile Kitchen trucks—were featured at the National Restaurant Association's (NRA) Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show 2011 in Chicago. In addition to touting 'old stand-bys, like Minute Maid-inspired smoothies and Ecolab hand-sanitizers, the NRA Show 2011 offered professionals in the foodservice industry the chance to touch, taste and feel the latest innovations.

    This year's show drew significant attendee interest in the way of new and eye-catching products. As we roamed the show, several hot products provided enough of a "wow" factor to pique our interest, or even stop us in our tracks.

    Here are Kandessa's Top 10 Picks

    • Eyeclick is a projection technology that creates games and marketing impressions. It projects captivating images onto smooth glass surfaces. For interactive gaming,  sensors capture players' motions to determine how to move objects within the game's scanned projections. Eyeclick created light-based games for 35 locations in Spain for Burger King. and has been delighting retail and hospitality brand guests for over six years.
    • DeNorma's mobile menu and POS applications were real crowd pleasers. The California-based company's smart electronic menu tablets allow guests to directly browse, order and pay for selections at their favorite restaurants. According to DeNorma executives, restaurant staff can use DeNorma’s 7-inch server tables to place orders or expedite order taking and tracking in a  fast casual environment.
    • Reward & Loyalty programs created by Paytronix, a metro-Boston-based loyalty marketing company, delivers programs pegging customer engagement above the rest.  The company powers the loyalty “Surprise & Delight” rewards feature of the MyPanera card.
    • The SelfCooking Center by Rational: we like food that cooks itself! Rational offers a line of kitchen equipment that adjust to food density, type and volume.  QSRs that want to offer up rotisserie chicken might want to browse through Rational's cooking stations loaded up with chicken Superspikes to produce what Rational claims is juicier chicken with a longer shelf-life.
    • Kru Vokda is an 82 Proof vodka imported from Holland with an extra one percent of potency. The stylish recyclable stainless steel bottle can be refilled with other juices and beverages once emptied, according to company representatives. Kru suggests the bottle will travel unscathed even on hiking and skiing trips (but we suggests waiting until finished with these activities to indulge responsibly). Kru displayed its catchy bottles and product at the IWSB event.
    • Tavern Toys' Brewtender is a lighted, Lazy Susan-style self-serve pitcher that allows patrons to pour their own beer at tables in an amusing fashion. According to the company, it sells commercial toys that elevate patrons' "wow" factor.
    • You can launch your mobile operation with Custom Mobile Food Equipment's food trucks. Custom Mobile's solutions range from sampling vehicles to mobile cafes and disaster relief vehicles.

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