Quick Serve Leader Achieves Readership Milestone, Lays Groundwork for Social Portal Kelevate


Quick Serve Leader Achieves Readership Milestone, Lays Groundwork - Kandessa

BOSTON ─ Quick Serve Leader, the digital magazine of high-impact quick serve restaurant (QSR) news, trends and best practices for top QSR management, announced it had reached a milestone.  The publication attained a 25 percent readership draw¹ against the second largest QSR-dedicated publication,, and achieved 2,200 unique monthly readers in its most recent trailing 30-day analytics.

As the stats stand now, Quick Serve Leader’s goal of 9,000 readers by fall of 2012 puts it very close to the number two spot, not accounting for the readership decreases for both and, the top online QSR publicationsin the last two months.  

The milestone was released along with other important statistics, as its publisher, Kandessa Media, drives toward achieving longer-term readership goals with three ambitious and promising projects:

  1. Publishing a test print edition for independent restaurateurs in Boston and New York City
  2. Securing partners for its social portal, Kelevate™, with plans to launch in early 2012
  3. Launching Quick Serve Deals™ to connect suppliers directly with managerial readers minus costly fees

Strategic Marketing Consultant, Ryan O'Hara, says, "With a social portal in our future, and a strong base of quick serve business intelligence in our copyrighted content, it's clear we have the best value proposition for chain and independent execs. Anyone can stack our stats to the number one and two."

"In this day of earned and shared media, QSR industry management has shown their appreciation, and the trends favor us to be around for decades." Rick Zambrano, Quick Serve Leader.

Quick Serve Leader's publisher, Kandessa Media, has been the Cinderella story in restaurant publishing. In May, it completed its third year of coverage at the industry's foremost restaurant conference, the National Restaurant Association's (NRA) Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show. Without advertising, a marketing budget, or even its own PR staff, Kandessa's flagship publication is approaching a 10 percent attainment against its top two competitors.

“The stats prove themselves out," said Quick Serve Leader creator and founder, Rick Zambrano. "We knew going into this, our mission of providing fresh, industry coverage with an inside-the-industry perspective would be the winning formula. In this day of earned and shared media, QSR industry management has shown their appreciation, and the trends favor us to be around for decades."

Quick Serve Leader magazine released the following trailing statistics:

  • Over 2,000 monthly readers
  • Over 1,200 followers on email and social media channels
  • 50 percent of its QSL.Insider members are VP/Director/CEO/Partner/Founder level

Quick Serve Leader is securing high profile executive interviews and appealing content at a faster pace than before rebranding². The team anticipates the 50,000 projected subscribers of Kelevate™ will result in an even bigger readership boost in 2013.

"The declining stats for the top two QSR online magazines shows how executive readers are responding³," says O'Hara. "While we're gaining [readership], they're losing—and at a fraction of the operating cost. Do the math on the ROI (Return on Investment)."

"Our business intelligence, readership and draw have created a base for the next leader in the billion-dollar niche QSR publishing space," says Zambrano. "We're ready to be that leader, or partner with someone to create it."

About Quick Serve Leader

For an ever changing quick-service segment, brings specialized content (news, trends, marketing articles, videos and blogs) from an inside-the-industry angle to QSR leaders, including chain executives, franchisees, and independent owners.

We provide on-the-go, streamlined, reliable information that offers a fresh perspective to benefit bakery cafes, pizza chain operators, fast-paced noodle shops and the QSR nooks in between.

Since 2009, our news coverage of the industry has included trend, industry and best practice articles with a focused approach. Our stories are gleaned from interviews with executives at McDonald's, Corner Bakery, Smashburger, UFood Grill, Roark Capital (parent of Corner Bakery and Arby's), Lime Fresh Mexican Grill, Uno Due Go, and others.


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¹ Readership divided by most recent competitor readership, Quantcast data. Does not represent market share.

² Kandessa has agreed to rebrand its publication pursuant to a private settlement agreement with Journalistic, Inc. which resolved all matters in dispute between the parties.

³ All external data is available at Quantcast. All internal data is available from the publisher by request, and based on Google Analytics.

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