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    Quiznos 'Wraps Up' Summer Menu, Pushes Pulled Pork


    Quiznos 'Wraps Up' Summer Menu, Pushes Pulled Pork - Kandessa Media

    Quiznos added three new products to its menu, including Quiznos’ Pulled Pork Subs, fresh Farmers’ Market Salads and whole grain Flatbread Wraps. According to the Denver-based quick-service toasted sandwich concept, the new lineup is just a sampling of what will be developed with Quiznos SVP of Culinary Creation Zach Calkins.

    Calkins is a protégé of the New England Culinary Institute and came to Quiznos from the Strings Restaurant in Denver. The former fine dining chef launched the Innovation Kitchen for Quiznos and has been experimenting with pork and complimentary flavors for four months.

    Calkins and Quiznos have developed a new product development process that hones in on new dining trends. Calkins identified the dining trend toward pulled pork sandwiches and optimized the concept for Quiznos menu. Enter the Southern BBQ Pulled Pork and the Pork Cuban Sandwiches.

    Pulled pork has been rising in popularity recently and this trend represented an opportunity to further expand our chef-inspired menu offerings,” said Calkins. “My tasting trips to Chicago, San Francisco and the American South served as culinary inspiration for Quiznos’ Pulled Pork Subs.

    In fact, Quiznos' new menu offerings leverage the learning from five 2011 menu trends and a resurgence in popularity of family-style flavors and comfort foods.

    In addition to the new Pulled Pork Subs, Quiznos added whole grain Flatbread Wraps and fresh Farmers’ Market limited -time offer (LTO) Salads to its menu:

    • new whole grain, fiber-rich, flatbread wraps as an alternative to toasted bread
    • Farmers' Market Harvest Chicken Salad
    • Farmers' Market Caprese Chicken Salad

    “Our success at Quiznos has always come from listening to what our customers want and responding with our recipe-driven approach to menu innovation,” said Quiznos CEO Greg MacDonald.

    The  Harvest Chicken Salad features pumpkin seeds and Acai Vinaigrette, and the Caprese Chicken Salad is combined with fresh mozzarella and a Basil Pesto dressing.

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