Yum Brands Finalizes Sale of A&W Restaurants to A Great American Brand


A Great American Brand LLC, a group formed by domestic and international A&W Restaurants franchisees, has finalized the acquisition of Yum Brands' A&W Restaurants. In a statement, the buyer spotlighted A&W's rich history as America's oldest fast food brand, founded in 1919.

Yum Brands announced the pending sale in September.

Kevin Bazner, A&W CEO, and a former president, said that he was confident the brand could grow profitably by capitalizing on its heritage, service and product quality. Bazner also acknowledge that A&W could compete in the QSR space successfully with its menu line and its own branded root beer, A&W® Draft Root Beer.

Terms were not disclosed for the acquisition of the A&W chain, which operates and franchises 1,200 restaurants ─ 350 of them outside the United States.

The A&W's chain is rooted in a history originating in Lodi, CA, where it is said that founder Roy Allen sold a signature root beer formulation for five cents per mug. He later partnered with employee Frank Wright to develop the partnership that has become A&W.

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