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    Fast Food

    Burger King Chef's Choice Burger Release Confirms a New Food-Centric BK Era

    Burger King launched the new BK Chef's Choice burger, a 5.5-ounce flame-grilled 100 percent chuck burger, topped with bacon, cheese, red onions, lettuce, tomato and BK's Griller sauce.

    McD's McRib McBack: McDonald's Brings Back Seasonal Comfort Favorite

    McDonald's announced the return of its iconic McRib as a limited-time offer today. The chain, which recently took the spotlight once again with continued sales and earnings gain domestically and abroad, has released the McRib in at least three major markets

    KFC Adds Cheesy Bacon Bowl, Runs Bring Home the Bacon Promo

    KFC celebrated the fifth anniversary of its KFC Famous Bowls® by offering a new bowl layered with bacon. The Cheesy Bacon Bowl is priced at $3.99 and launches as a limited-time offer (LTO).

    Subway Goes Tap & Go™, Partners with MasterCard to Speed Transactions

    According to MasterCard Worldwide, the Subway chain will begin accepting a faster, more convenient payment method from customers. The MasterCard® PayPass™ payment will be accepted

    KFC Begins Promo of its Popcorn Chicken, Spotlights Cooks, Meat 'Off-the-Bone'

    KFC began a promotion of its large order of Popcorn Chicken.  The hearty menu option will be priced at $2.99.  Additionally, KFC is offering a combo, including the Popcorn Chicken,

    Burger King Offers Free Soft Serve to Promote New Dessert Menu

    The iconic Miami-based Burger King chain launched a new Soft Serve dessert menu with a special offer. Guests who purchase a Burger King Value Meal at participating

    Red 'Blade', Redesign and More than a Billion in McDough to Revitalize McDonald's Canada

    McDonald's Canada will spend big money ─ one billion Canadian dollars to be exact, (US$1,013 million) to revitalize the brand. Not unlike the transformation here in the United States several years ago, the company will be redesigning

    Zagat Fast Food Survey Results Intriguing, Recognize Chain Operators

    Zagat released results of its 2011 Fast Food Survey today. Over 6,000 respondents took part in the survey of dining preferences at quick serve restaurant (QSR) chains.  The survey produced some interesting findings for chain operators:

    Jack in the Box Reports Q3 2011 Earnings

    Jack in the Box released its Q3 fiscal 2011 earnings. The 2,200-store hamburger concept, mostly entrenched in the West and Midwest regions, reported net earnings of $18.7 million,

    Domino's Reports Impressive Q2 Results

    Domino's Pizza released its earning report for its second quarter ended June 19. Domestic same store sales were up 4.8 percent from last year's (LY) same quarter, and outside the United States,

    Falfurrias Capital Lands Deal to Sell Bojangles’ Stake

    Bojangles' is jingling with upcoming changes. Falfurrias Capital Partners, a private equity firm in Charlotte, has brokered a definitive agreement to sell its interest in Bojangles’