SYESTO: Communication, Social Media Services for Agencies and Suppliers

The SYESTO Marketing Initiative for Industry Suppliers and Agencies

Everyone wants to put forth their best image when presenting themselves to clients and customers in person.

How are your communications to restaurant decision-makers? Could they use a boost through our services?

SYESTO is a brand of Kandessa Media, the company that built the second most-read web-based QSR publication in the country by market, and the top regional online quick-service restaurant management magazine. in less than one year.

How does your company come across visually and from a communications stand point on the web? Let us support your brand positioning in communications. If you're looking for marketing or ad solutions, then trust in Kandessa Media to deliver that through its publications. Otherwise, read on:

SYESTO maximizes Kandessa Media's expertise within the restaurant segment, fusing it with its expertise in creating compelling content for the restaurant industry:

  • Advisory and consulting services for PR/ad agencies within the QSR segment.
  • Content generation, interest stories, blogging and press releases for small- to mid-sized suppliers
  • Social media management for owners and sales execs through sociallyredirected, our social media services
  • Online positioning and website consulting

Contact Kandessa's managing publisher for more details, or for a kit.