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    Value Proposition to QSR

     KELEVATE Social Portal

    Kelevate will cement Kandessa Media's role as leading source of information and resources to restaurateurs with its planned pursuit of a social portal, Kelevate, in early 2012.

    In April 2011 the company announced its intention to pursue the build-out of the largest and most intuitive content-based U.S. restaurateur social community site, with a target subscriber base of 50,000 by the year 2013.

    The Boston-based site will compete against the likes of and

    Quick Serve Leader magazine

    Quick Serve Leader magazine reaches thousands of managerial readers each month in the quick serve restaurant (QSR) industry. Its high-impact premium content on menu, marketing, technology and operational topics of importance to executives has made it the online resource for today's busy QSR leader.

    Kandessa - a Newsletter for Independent Restaurateurs

    The publisher of Quick Serve Leader magazine will launch a test to 1,000 independent restaurateurs in Boston and New York in October.

    The test will expand the publisher's content beyond quick-service and digital format, and leverages hundreds of pieces of copyrighted content.

    Kandessa Media is securing four initial sponsors for the test, as well as a joint venture (JV) to expand the test along the entire East Coast.

    Kandessa Media delivers:

    • Information that is focused and fresh
    • Coverage of regional and national shows as we extend our personal touch to the industry
    • Reader engagement with an inside-the-industry news angle
    • Streamlined news briefs to readers on the go and time-starved

    Kandessa was started by a QSR professional seeking to inform, inspire and educate other QSR managers and professionals.